Fully Automatic Setters

Specially designed for use with Poultry. Gamebirds. Waterfowl. Ratites. All Models have:
Dimensions = CM Model 290 600 1500
Size - Width
97.0 (93.0)
79.0 (75.0)
106.0 (115)
98.0 (114)
84.0 (100)
127.0 (137)
122 (127)
110 (126)
153 (162)
Unpacked Weight 99kgs 154kgs 210kgs
Packed Weight 115kgs 180kgs 250kgs
A.B. Multilife Range - Approx 
Model 290 Quail / Partridge Pheasent Chicken Duck Turkey Goose Rhea/Emu Ostrich Max. Wattage
Game Setter 650 490 - - - - - - 450w
General Purpose 550 390 245 180 180 90 - - 450w
Ratitie Setter - - - - - - 24 12 450w
Model 600                  
Game Setter 1500 1130 - - - - - - 680w
General Purpose 1100 820 520 380 380 190 - -  
Ratitie Setter - - - - - - 48 24  
Model 1500                  
Game Setter 3355 2520 - - - - - - 830w
General Purpose 2350 1720 1080 850 850 450 - -  
Ratitie Setter - - - - - - 120 60  


The moving-air Setter/Incubator is manufactured in two parts, an inner aluminum case, sitting inside an outer cabinet made from high quality board laminated in white melamine plastic on all surfaces for hygiene, for ease of cleaning, and an attractive finish. The electronic control system is housed at eye level on top of the cabinet for easy control of all the systems fitted to the machine. An internal light is fitted to allow egg inspection through the porthole in the lid.

Egg Turning 
The eggs are firmly held vertically in plastic trays which fit into the setter’s metal turning trays. (In the case of ratites special integral trays are provided). These in turn slide into a turning cradle in the centre of the setter, which rotates through 9O° and back as many times as programmed by pre-setting the time switch. A manual over-ride is also fitted to allow the re-positioning of the egg trays for inspection and loading. The turning is monitored by a magnetic counter fitted to the side of the unit. 

Heating and Air-flow

Air enters the cabinet through the vents in the sides and top of the cabinet, and is pulled down through the egg trays by a fan in the bottom of the inner case. The air heats when it passes over the silicon sheathed heating element in the gap between the inner case and outer cabinet, then travels equally up each side and over the top of the inner case, being monitored on the way by the control sensor before continuing the sequence once again down through the egg trays. This unique A.B. air-flow system has been developed, and used  most successfully for the past 25 years with a proven record in giving a good temperature control across all the egg trays, and not just those trays in the direct air-flow. 

Electronic Temperature Control 

The temperature is controlled electronically using the latest proportional microprocessor regulation to within ± 0.2°C of it's setting; once the operating temperature has been reached. A separate safety overheat cutout circuit is fitted with visual and audible alarms, which are integrated into the main system. The temperature is monitored by a Digital readout calibrated and reading in °C mounted in the control panel for easy reference.

Dial-up % RH Humidity Control 
The humidity can be set at any level required and held automatically providing it is more than the ambient level surrounding the setter. The Dial-up H222 Humidity System allows the operator to select the level of humidity required by using a %RH dial on the control panel. Once additional humidity is requested, the pump draws water out of the water container and down to the small black sensor module on the right of the machine, the water then flows on to a humidity felt under the fan in the bottom of the cabinet Once the required humidity level is reached, the water flow is automatically restricted to maintain the humidity level as requested. The Black sensor module can be removed for easy cleaning outside the cabinet. The whole Humidity System is calibrated at the works during testing. 

Machine Testing 
A.B. Incubators test all the systems associated with each setter manufactured for at least 3 days prior to dispatch, this ensures a customer does not have to pay additional amounts for an installation  engineer to carry out assembly and testing on site. 

All A.B.I. products are fully warranted for 12 months from the date of purchase. Should any fault arise consult your local distributor, or A.B. Incubators Consequential damage is specifically excluded. We are continually striving to improve our products, and in so doing we reserve the right to alter materials or specifications without notice. Our Standard conditions of Sale are available on request. 



A.B. Multilife 290,600,1 500.Mk3