A.B. Newlife 75 Mk 4 Moving Air Incubator

The Unique A.B. Turning System

Research has shown that eggs from certain species require a different method of turning as compared to the majority. These eggs need assistance with their embryo development. By placing the eggs on their sides and turning them through 180° on rollers for the first 10-15 days of the incubation period, a good membrane development can be obtained. Once the embryo is secured to the pointed end of the egg, it can then be placed into a plastic insert in the same machine. The eggs can then be turned in the traditional vertical position through 90°, until the eggs are ready to hatch having observed the internal pipping. 

Various sizes of Rollers are available, please refer to the price list.

Egg Capacity: 138 Mountain Quail, Dusky Lory, Jap. Quail, 75 Barn Owl, Golden’ Pheasant, Macaws. 54 Peregrine Falcon, Capercailee, Teal, 12 Golden Eagle, 9 Crane 
Supply: 220/240v or 110/11 5v 50Hz 1 ph AC 
Consumption: Max. 115 watts.
Size: Actual: H 300mm W 620mm D 530mm
        Packed: H 430mm W 740mm D 660mm
Weight: Nett: 9kg Gross: 14kg 

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A.B.Newlife 75 mk 4