Our aim is to provide equipment for the specialist breeder, and since the early seventies when Dr AndersonóBrown built the first machines for the Wildfowl Trust at Slimbridge, our company has grown to meet these special needs.

More recently the Game Conservancy has given us their formal approval, having tested and used one of our Multilife Game Setters over a number of years for both Pheasant and Partridge eggs at their Fordingbridge Hatchery.

The Multilife Game Setters were developed to meet the needs of the farm and small syndicate shoot who wish to hatch and rear their own stock. Our products are now extensively used by many Professional Breeders, Zoos and Wildlife Parks around the world, where our equipment with it's special features has enabled many to obtain success, not only with rare Pheasants, Partridge, Quail and Waterfowl, but now Ostrich and Ratites, not to mention Parrots, Penguins, Birds of Prey and Reptiles.


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